Here’s to Strange!

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I picked up British Glamour and this 2nd novel from Emily today at our local bookstore and I’m so excited! I don’t normally go for hard cover but I simply can’t wait for the paperback version. As if it isn’t obvious, I’m a huge fan of this strange girl because I think she’s super cool, mysterious but cute at the same time. I have started collecting Emily Strange stuff since high school and my love for her hasn’t changed a bit.

Here’s a thing though, when I went to the official website, I read that the book is supposed to come with free bookmark but I didn’t get any! hrmph! is this the whole stupid “asian version” thing? *sigh* Anyway, I’m so looking forward to flipping the pages and enjoying the illustrations. But I guess it has to compete with my Glamour. Mmm.. tough choice!

One of the privileges of living in Bali is definitely the amount of massage parlors or salons available. From $5/hour to $70/hour, the choices are way too many it’s ridiculous.

My favorite place is this little salon on Petitenget (north of Legian). It’s cheap ($5 an hour), very good and relaxing and they’re clean, literally and non-literally, if you know what I mean. So we usually visit them quite regularly to recharge and relax. One of my dreams is definitely to have my own personal masseuse that’s 24/7 ready because I’m a total junkie when it comes to massages!

I’m totally in love with HIM. They’re one of my favorite bands and what’s awesome is they have the best fans. I’ve met so many HIM fans and become great friends with them. Anyway, they’re back with their latest album “Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice” and this is one of the songs, “Scared to Death”.

Still looking good but still awfully skinny! lol.. Enjoy!

I’ve been a full time fashion blogger for 3 years now and of course during those course of time, I found a lot of ups and downs.. well, mostly up : ) One of the best things is definitely the freebies. I have received some great things; from make up to beauty accessories, diary, jewelry and more. And yesterday, I got these!

Mont-Bleu is a Czech based company and they create everything from Swarovski crystals, which I think is pretty neat. The package comes in a sweet heart-shaped box, just in time for Valentine’s day. I have tried the nail file and Sandy, the Pastor’s wife tried the tweezers and she said it’s fantastic. I’m loving the compact mirror as well.

Needless to say, I’m totally enjoying this full time job of mine ; )

A 365 Picture Project

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I’ve always enjoyed photography but I never thought of becoming a photographer or anything like that, until today JErm invited me to do a 365 days picture project. So, the idea is to take one picture every day and post it online to share with friends. Since his dream Nikon D90 arrived in the mail, he’s been taking pictures every single day. I feel like having paparazzi in the house. We have Olympus Stylus 1030 SW and now it has officially become mine.

Anyway, my first picture of today is this plant we have at our balcony. I find them interesting and I have called it “So dry yet so wet.”

More pictures coming at my flickr account!