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Vie Bride

After almost a year being out of touch, I’ve decided to kick my lazy ass to start blogging again. I guess I’ve been focusing too much on the fashion blog that I neglected my own personal space, which is sad! Now, since the new year has just started, I think it’s the best time to make a commitment to leave more marks on my little corner. So, to start my first news, there’s nothing better than announcing that I am now a married woman!

Yep, I married my best friend, my sexy fiance JErm after 3 years of being together. We had our ups and downs but we finally made it. The wedding was held in a small private villa in Nusa Dua, Bali. It was a gorgeous wedding and most of our dear friends were there, even my old friend from Switzerland, Oli was there, too. The decor was great, food was great, overall it was a great day.

So yeah, that’s the biggest news for this new year : )

My Valentine 2008 Report

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We had a very romantic date on Valentine’s Day at Grace. One of my favorite restaurants in Bandung, and JErm surprised me with a lovely make-up case that I’ve been dying to get and of course tons and tons of red roses. We had the best imported steak, lovely soup and delicious strawberry cheesecake accompanied by our favorite red wine from B&G. Romance was certainly in the air… Until the restaurant rejected my credit card because apparently it has expired (before time!). Oh well, some lady from Anz is gonna get it.

After the fantastic dinner, we went to Cathy’s house. This was the first time I got introduced to her and her beautiful daughter. Took JErm long enough to get us all acquainted! Cathy is a lovely Brazilian lady who has been living in Bandung for 14 years! I totally love her, she’s so fun to be with, and her daughter was also nice, although we didn’t actually chat, but she’s great.

In short, my Valentine was awesome!

I turned 27 today and had the best birthday ever. For starter, at 12 midnight, JErm prepared this lovely surprise in our bedroom with 27 vanilla scented candles and a yummy blueberry cheesecake on the desk. Sounds simple right? but when I read what was written on the cake and saw him down on his knee with a diamond ring on his hand.. it totally surprised me.

Now I have a beautiful diamond ring around my finger and am happily engaged.

Ahh.. what a wonderful number it is, 27.