Movie Date: PS I Love You

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JErm went back to Bandung, so I set a movie date with my cousin whom I haven’t seen for a long time. We went to see PS. I Love You. I have read the novel so I was really curious about it, not to mention there’s my 300 guy there *g*

After getting our nachos and pepsi, we went straight to the cinema. A few minutes passed and I can hear a sniffle next to me. Apparently my cousin was busy sniffling and wiping the tears off her eyes. To my surprise, I didn’t have any single tear, I’m usually pretty sensitive when it comes to romantic-tragedy kinda movie, but not this time. I guess I was too busy drooling over his sexiness Gerard Butler! His body, his smile, his accent… it’s beyond yummy! But anyways, the movie was great with a lot of stylish fashion going on there.

A great chic-flick that you can definitely drag your boyfriend along to watch with! And honey, if you’re reading this, you know what that means! *g*

My Valentine 2008 Report

2008. · 2 comments


We had a very romantic date on Valentine’s Day at Grace. One of my favorite restaurants in Bandung, and JErm surprised me with a lovely make-up case that I’ve been dying to get and of course tons and tons of red roses. We had the best imported steak, lovely soup and delicious strawberry cheesecake accompanied by our favorite red wine from B&G. Romance was certainly in the air… Until the restaurant rejected my credit card because apparently it has expired (before time!). Oh well, some lady from Anz is gonna get it.

After the fantastic dinner, we went to Cathy’s house. This was the first time I got introduced to her and her beautiful daughter. Took JErm long enough to get us all acquainted! Cathy is a lovely Brazilian lady who has been living in Bandung for 14 years! I totally love her, she’s so fun to be with, and her daughter was also nice, although we didn’t actually chat, but she’s great.

In short, my Valentine was awesome!

Movie Date: Unrest

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I’ve always loved watching horror or thriller movies. Although I don’t watch them as much as I did years before but still I’d like to keep on track. And today, I watched “Unrest” alone at the theater because JErm needed to run some errands, so I asked him to drop me at the mall. Mind you, this was my first time ever watching a movie at the theater, alone. And I must say, it’s pretty exciting.

As IMDb summarizes, the story goes:

“In a medical school, the freshmen students Alison Blanchard, Brian Cross, Carlos Aclar and Rick O’Connor receive the cadaver of a young woman for dissection in their anatomy class of Professor Walter Blackwell. The atheist Alison has a weird sensation that the spirit of the corpse is trying to communicate with her and tries to unravel who the woman was. Meanwhile, all the persons that handle the corpse mysteriously die.”

I personally think the movie was quite interesting, the only thing I hated the most is the censored scenes, there were way too much! I guess I need to get the dvd for my complete viewing pleasure (yes, that includes viewing Scot Davis’ abs! *drools*).

Our First New Car!

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After a long wait, our first new car finally arrived today! We decided to get the brand new black Toyota Avanza. We even changed the audio to Pioneer so we can plug our iPod or listen to our favorite CDs whenever we feel like it. We also plan to modify the car so that everything will be in black. Sounds cool huh?

The car’s great, the credit isn’t lol.. but it’s always fun to have your own ride!

I turned 27 today and had the best birthday ever. For starter, at 12 midnight, JErm prepared this lovely surprise in our bedroom with 27 vanilla scented candles and a yummy blueberry cheesecake on the desk. Sounds simple right? but when I read what was written on the cake and saw him down on his knee with a diamond ring on his hand.. it totally surprised me.

Now I have a beautiful diamond ring around my finger and am happily engaged.

Ahh.. what a wonderful number it is, 27.